With ScandiPay, everything your guests desire is just one QR code scan away.

Unlock the power of ScandiPay with a single QR code. Seamlessly scan, book, and pay for a wide range of services using our web-based platform, available on any mobile device or tablet.

No app downloads or complications – just a seamless experience your guests will love!

Why ScandiPay?

All additional services and activities can be managed via one QR code.
  • Statistics and Reports

  • All-in-One Platform

  • No infrastructure changes

  • Integrated payments

  • Trusted partner

  • Improve guest satisfaction

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Optimize work processes

    We transform the guest experience in the hospitality industry by streamlining transactions and empowering businesses to offer a seamless, app-free, and comprehensive solution. Our platform enhances revenue, operational efficiency, and guest satisfaction while eliminating the need for app downloads.
    With ScandiPay, hospitality establishments can effortlessly offer a diverse range of services, from food orders to spa bookings, all controlled through our intuitive admin panel.

    Aim to save 8.2 trees a year on average!

    Save paper by eliminating room information folders, contribute to environmental preservation, and reduce printing costs with ScandiPay.

    Reach out to us for a personalized demo and see how ScandiPay can make your guests' dreams come true while simplifying your operations!